The Works Facial Collection
Here is your chance to experience natural skin care at its finest. 360 Skin Care "The Works" Facial Care Collection incorporates 9 steps to improve and maintain healthy looking skin. Our package includes our Shea & Aloe Facial Cleanser, Botanical Facial Toner, Microdermabrasion Facial Scrub, Alpha Hydroxy Acid Facial Crème, Pure Squalane, DMAE Firming Serum, Replenishing B Complex, Lavender & Aloe Facial Masque and our Vita-C Therapy. Our facial care system is developed to be non-irritating and gentle on facial tissue and can be used for all skin types Our bundled collection gives you a savings of 10% of purchasing each product individually.

Our discount package includes:
Shea & Aloe Facial Cleanser (4 oz)
Botanical Facial Toner (4 oz)
Microdermabrasion Facial Scrub (2 oz)
Alpha Hydroxy Acids Facial Cr�me (2 oz)
Lavender & Aloe Facial Maque (2 oz)
DMAE Firming Serum(1oz)
Pure Squalane Oil (1oz)
Replenishing B5 Complex (1oz)
Vita-C Therapy & Activator (1 oz)
Application Brush

All for $233.10!! That is a savings of $25.9!
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