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Silky & Shea Butter Body Lotion
~I have been using your Silk and Shea Butter Body Lotion for almost two years. It is one of the most moisturizing lotions I have ever used. I have tried all the scents and the Caribbean Madness is the best of them all. Susan G. ~ Des Moines, IA

~The silky shea butter lotion is fabulous! I have really dry skin that is usually exacerbated by not using enough lotion until now. Most lotions and creams for dry skin leaves my skin feeling sticky or greasy, not this! This lotion coats, moisturizes and softens without any such residue. I love it. Pamela A. ~ Abilene, TX

Pure Squalane ~I have been using this squalane oil for about a year. It is so easy to use just a couple of drops will do the trick. I use on the fine wrinkles around my eye and mouth. I have also mixed it in with my regular moisturizer for an added all over benefit. I have given a bottle to my mother and sister and they both use it regularly. This is just one excellent product. Sarah ~ New York, NY

~Very fast shipment, and excellent product. I am impressed with the moisturization and lightness of this oil. I was worried that I would wake up with a break-out, but my skin feels smoother than ever. Thanks you for speaking with me before my purchase. Diana J. ~ Salt Lake City, UT

Microdermabrasion Facial Scrub ~I have tried many facial scrubs and this one is the best. It is not oily and does not dry your face out after use. It lasts a long time too, I scrub my face 2-3 three times per week and I am still using the first jar I purchased. Spartan ~ Annapolis, MD

~Oh my face felt so incredibly, beautifully polished when I was done with my first treatment. I have been using your products for well over a year and could not be happier. Thank you for creating your wonderful products! Michelle A. ~ Boston, MA

~Smells so clean and fresh, my skin loved this scrub. I noticed that it did not make my skin look red or shiny, it was an amazing experience for an at home treatment. Jules H. ~ Savannah, GA

~I've tried all kinds of scrubs and this is the best one ever! Gentle but also does a great job making my skin smoother and much more radiant! Tamesha D. ~ Oakland, CA

Brazilian Body Lacquer ~A great smell, like the brazilian flowers are actually all over me. Leaves my body beautiful summer and especially hydrates in winter a MUST buy! Karine I. ~ Kearny, NJ

Pumice & Jojoba Foot Scrub ~Prior to using 360 foot scrub, My feet would be so dry and rough. I spent so much money on pedicure every week just to be crusty the following week. But once I used this product, my feet never felt so soft. Most products take several times to work but this only took one time to make all the difference. Sabrina H. ~ Sacramento, CA

Creamy Avocado Body Cleanser ~ I've been using the body wash for months now. The problem was I wanted a wash that was moisturizing without breaking me out. I wanted to have a smooth-to-the-touch back. Well, my friend gave me the 360 body wash and it's great. No breakouts and my skin feels clean and soft. In fact, I went to the spa for a relaxing treatment including a back scrub and the therapist said I didn't even need it! Hello, thin-strap tanks! Stryceelyn ~ Los Angeles, CA

Nourishing Body Butter ~I haven't smelled anything quite like Caribbean Madness. I love it! It certainly moisturizes without leaving you feeling oily. Neecole J. ~ Los Angeles, CA

~I LOVE this product. It made my feet so soft. My feet were so rough from going barefoot all summer. It works great, not heavy or greasy, it's so soft and smooth!! Jessica L. ~ San Diego, CA

Shea & Aloe Facial Cleanser ~I love this cleanser! It smells so good & feels so smooth & makes my face look good. It does not dry my face out at all and its concentrated. Maggie Z. ~ Toledo, OH

~Awesome!!! I love it! It works so well and leaves my skin feeling so clean and fresh... I will keep coming back for more! Jessie J. ~ Arlington VW

~I am a repeat customer and the Shea and Aloe cleanser was one of the first items I purchased. I still love this facial cleanser! I have recently discovered it works GREAT with a Clarisonic Facial Brush. These two together are magic! Crystal S. ~ Atlanta, GA

~This cleanser does exactly what the description states. This is the best cleanser I've used on my face. Gently cleans and left my skin feeling perfectly clean and soft. Excellent shipping time at reasonable cost. Very professional and caring customer service. I am a customer for life. Ashish D. ~ Baltimore, MD

Clarify Me Facial Care Set ~The facial care set leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean and you don't need to use a lot of product so it seems to be very economical. My set let me almost 3 months before I had to reorder. Teresa Y. ~ Portland, OR

~I can't stop using this stuff! It makes my skin radiant. I have fair skin and started experiencing some problems with redness. Since I started using this skin line, my redness has diminished noticeably and overall my skin is the best it has ever looked. I've experimented with tons of products from pharmacies and department stores and by far this is the best quality. Ava D. ~ Paris, France

The Works Facial Care Collection ~I can't THANK YOU enough for creating such an AWESOME skin care line! You can be sure that I'll keep coming back for more. Felicia M. ~ Los Angeles, CA

~I have used many natural care products and I must say this is by far the best stuff I have used. I have very acne prone and sensitive oily and dry skin. I end up throwing away most of what I bought for cleaning my face. This did not end up in the trash. The eye cream is GREAT (most sting my eyes, not this). I really have nothing bad to say, except you need to offer on a larger size for the mask. Brittany V. ~ Toronto, Canada

~This facial care set is the best I've ever used! I love how each product works on it own individually and together as a set they are AWESOME! My skin hasn't looked this clear in years. It has completely erased my blackheads and my pores are not clogged anymore. My face is just totally clean, balanced and hydrated. I can’t thank you enough. Sharon T. ~ Chicago. IL

Alpha Hydroxy Acid Facial Crème ~Divine, I smoothed this creme on after I had used the scrub, my skin was glowing (not shell-shocked like after I have used a scrub purchased from the shops), and it felt great! Rose T. ~ Saratoga, FL

Overnight Foot Therapy ~I bought this for my sister who has terrible heels. Her feet would crack until they would bleed. She saw a remarkable difference in a week. I bought her several more and she has since begun buying them for herself. I was luck to find this product and I am so thankful for her that I did. Maryann L. Denver, CO

DMAE Eye firming Serum ~This eye serum just sinks right and does a wonderful job of moisturizing. I have yet to be disappointed in a 360 Skin Care product that I have purchase. Marsha F. ~ Boise, IA

~The eye firming serum is excellent, it wears well beautifully under makeup or a lovely treatment when I go to bed at night. Definitely one of my favourite products. Sydney P. ~ Stockholm, Sweden

~I really enjoy the lightweight texture of this eye cream. It sinks in easily into the skin and does a lovely job of moisturizing the eye area. The hygienic dispenser (as compared to many eye creams available on the market that are packaged in pots) is a definite plus too. Bonnie K. Vancouver, BC

Hydrating Body Scrubs ~ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!! I got my Tahitian Body Scrub today and just used it...I am in love. My skin feels amazing! Thanks for the super fast shipping, I wanted to thank you for taking the time out to answer all my questions. Your customer service is excellent. Debra C. ~ San Diego, CA

~Your Lavender Dreams scrub was just that, a dream. I was so impressed with the thick texture. It was not runny at all and the worked beautifully on my knees and elbows. Patricia Q. ~ Westbury, NY

Botanical Toner ~Awesome toner! A must try for anyone, very gentle, yet refreshing, and really pulls the extra dirt out after cleansing. Great product and always fast shipping. Chrissy O. ~ Roswell, NM

~This is wonderful! I love it, it feels so nice on my skin and has a nice light fragrance, I recommend the lavender. Me and my daughter use it and it doesn't dry my skin at all and my skin is "mature". Keisha W. ~ Miami, FL

~This is an excellent product. This is the only toner that I have ever used that has left my skin soft instead of dry. This is my favorite product in the skin care line. Angela N.~ Lexington, KY  
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