Diamonds & Pearls Collection
Experience the ultimate in pure luxury with 360 Skin Care's Puttin' on the Glitz Collection. Ground Diamonds and Crushed Pearls fuse together in this extravagant collection to pamper your skin. Our Luxurious collection consists of our Glitz & Glamour Body Lotion, Diamond in the Rough resurfacing Rub and Mother of Pearl Detoxifying Masque. Indulge in pure luxury. Our bundled collection gives you a savings of 5% of purchasing each product individually.

Our discount package includes:
Glitz & Glamour Body Lotion(8 oz)
Diamond in the Rough Resurfacing Rub (10 oz)
Mother of Pearl Detoxifying Masque(6 oz)
Application Brush
All for $118.80!! That is a savings of $13.20!
Scent Descriptions

$132.00 $118.80
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